Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simple (and cheap) wind turbine tower from building materials
Scott Symmes9:47 PM

Simple (and Cheap) wind turbine tower from building materials

If you need a wind turbine tower and the build budget is tight, this video should help. My tower cost about $30.00 and it's 25' tall.
The original idea came fro Mike Davis. (The guy is a THE DIY Wizard. See link below)
I followed Mikes advice, and modified the design to be adapted for my cedar deck. I decided to see if I could savage parts from a used building supply depot. The materials came from fencing, plumbing and electrical departments. I had noticed that  horizontal pipe used for the top/bottom of chain link fence. It fit nicely inside (with very little play) over top of a 1" galvanized metal EMT. If you look around, I'm sure you'll find some with minor dents for a $7 - $9 each for a 10' section.  I picked up about $30.00 worth of material and took it home.

So, for the stand, the feet are (2) 1" floor flanges, legs (2) 6" of pipe, (2) elbows, (2) 6" pipe, (1) T-intersection and about 36" of 1" pipe. The fencing pipe slips over the water pipe. Then depending on your height, the 1" EMT fits nicely inside and the fencing pipe. Then you alternate the lengths to create the tower. For guy wires, use the clamps in the fencing section for the ropes. Sounds complicated, but I'll see what I can find for pictures.

In an ideal situation, would takes 2 people to raise the tower. But, if you use a pulley and a heavy counter weight, 1 adult can do it. Just make sure to have your guy wires ready.

All the credit for the wonderful design goes to Mike Davis. He makes a ton of really cool projects. See his web site at

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